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How To Save On Your Electric Bill By Switching To Just Energy

How To Save On Your Electric Bill By Switching To Just Energy?

When it comes to energy, we’re all in the same boat. We all usually want to reduce energy consumption and save money. We can all benefit from learning more about energy conservation and energy-saving measures. 

Many of us have tried various ways to save electricity but have failed miserably. With the invention of solar energy, we have found out some ways to overcome this problem of excessive use of electricity. You can spend less if you use energy efficiently and save on your electric bill. With the help of simple ways, you can become more energy-efficient, helping both the environment and your wallet is a win-win situation. I’m going to suggest ways with which you can save up on your electric bill.

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How To Save On Your Electric Bill By Switching To Just Energy? – Simple Ways:

How To Save On Your Electric Bill

  1. Keep your temperature steady- The temperature should be around 72-74 in the summer and 70-72 degrees in winter.
  2. Install solar panels-Although solar panels are a bit expensive but do install them if you can afford them as it will save energy. You will surely be able to reduce your electric bills and save money.
  3. Changing into led bulbs-LEDs use between 20-25% of the energy used by incandescent bulbs and 25-30% of the energy used by halogen incandescent bulbs. Not only by energy, LEDs last 25 times longer than these incandescent bulbs. So you can replace all the bulbs at your place with LEDs.LEDs emit very little heat, and that is why less cooling is needed for home climate control; when you can get the same amount of light at cheaper rates for more time, then why waste money on incandescent bulbs. Making the switch will mean using less energy and saving more money.
  4. Get a windmill-If you have a proper place for a windmill, then install it without any more delay. Natural energy is good for you and the environment, and once set up costs are cleared, it will cost you almost nothing. Then you can just relax.
  5. Unplug your computer when not required-When you are not active on the computer, put it to sleep or hibernation mode, or unplug it completely to save power. Do not put a screen saver and set your monitor to turn off.
  6. Adjust the brightness of your TV-Reduce the brightness of your TV and when you are done watching your favourite shows, turn it off. Children can easily do various other activities than watching tv.
  7. Manage water heaters-It is seen that water heaters use a lot of energy, so you can control it by using it only when required and lowering the temperature. Try washing your clothes in cold water instead of using hot water generated by the heater.
  8. Tune-up your fridge: Keep checking your fridge regularly and maintain it properly as it will keep the coils running clean and save you hundreds of dollars a year.
  9. Install dimmer switches: Adjust the amount of light you need and use the most appropriate amount of energy. This will keep your mood, and you will save money.
  10. Use effective cookware: Glass cookware is better than aluminium or others, so know about the product before purchasing it.
  11. Thaw food: Thaw the food before cooking, and you will save time. The food will also need less heat to be cooked, so you will save time and money.
  12. Insulate your garage door: Adding insulation to your garage door will keep heat and cool air in, and hence you will have a moderate temperature at home.
  13. Check your weather strips: Air leaks can be a reason because energy savings could be seeping out the front door, so check your weather strips. Checking or replacing worn weather strips can help save on energy costs.
  14. Clean your windows: Clean the windows of your house so that natural light can come in and naturally heat your house throughout the day.
  15. Cook on a fire pit: Barbequing is enjoyable, but it is recommended to use Dutch-oven as it retains and distributes heat evenly, and it is of great use during winters.
  16. Cook in bulk and effectively-Cook in bulk and store it in big containers and heat it in the microwave when required, and avoid running for small meals.
  17. Ditch old refrigerators- Old refrigerators consume a lot of energy unnecessarily, so save up and buy a new refrigerator. If you have many refrigerators and do not need them all, then scale down to one.
  18. Use sleep mode-When you buy scanners and printers, but a got one that automatically goes to sleep when you are not using it.
  19. Cook with lids on – When you will cook with lids on, then you will be able to prevent the heat from escaping, and your food will also get cooked properly for insufficient time.
  20. Buy energy star appliances-When you buy electrical appliances, make sure they are top quality and energy effective.
  21. Rearrange appliances-Make sure that you do not use two appliances close to each other as they will consume double the energy so move them away.
  22. Hang dry clothes-Try drying your clothes in the sun naturally in place of dryers, and you will save energy. The clothes dryer uses a lot of energy and emits a lot of heat so if you want to save energy, place the clothes nicely and let them dry nicely in the sunlight.
  23. Reduce microwave and OTG use-Microwave, and OTGs use a lot of energy so do not use them unnecessarily. If you are hungry, try having fruits that are not only healthy but also good for your health. When you reduce the use of microwaves, you will see a significant fall in your electric bills.
  24. Use fans over air conditions-Unless you feel very hot, do not switch on the ac; try sitting under the fan and cool yourself. During winters, when you feel very cold, put more blankets on yourself rather than using room heaters.
  25. Air dry dishes-After washing dishes, try to air dry them instead of using the dishwasher. If you use the dishwasher, try loading the dishwasher before running it as it will save on time, water, energy, and cost. You can install energy-efficient dishwashers, which require less energy than ordinary ones.
  26. Put outdoor lights on Timer- You can put the outdoor lights on a timer so that they do not keep glowing unnecessarily.
  27. Defeat the energy vampires-Energy vampires are the devices that constantly consume energy even when they are not in use or after being turned off. This idle electricity is a part of a quarter of household electricity bill and 23% of power consumption. You can defeat these monsters by unplugging devices when not in use and putting them in hibernation or sleep mode.

How To Save On Your Electric Bill

You need to know about energy efficiency and energy conservation. Energy efficiency is completing a task using less energy and getting the same outcome. With the use of energy-efficient devices, you will be able to save up a lot of energy and reduce pollution.

Energy conservation is saving energy and using it as per requirements. These can be done by incorporating various new habits which will use less energy. For example, switching off the lights and fan when not needed, reducing overall energy usage, and limiting energy waste.


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