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Different Uses Of Energy In Our Daily Lives

The Different Uses Of Energy In Our Daily Lives

As children, we have often experienced some scolding from our parents because of keeping the electronic appliances on. We felt bad and irritated, as we did not know the depth of the scolding. We have come a long way, and now we know the depth of those scolding. Energy should be saved, and we have to pay a generous amount of bills for electricity. This is the main reason for switching off all our appliances when not in use. We should also know that we should save energy for the future generation. There has been a lot of global warming and rise of sea level for this matter. As responsible residents of the world, we should take care of it as well. 

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Electricity has become a necessity in our time. We have been using it in all the places, such as households, offices, malls, etc. We also need to think about our future. If we are out of fossil fuels, electricity generation will be less. Above all, it causes a lot of pollution in the environment. It is better to shift to using renewable energy for the sake of the environment as well as for future generations. 

Energy can be divided into many places, but the end product is usually electricity, thermal energy, or transportation. Let us learn in detail about the different uses of energy in our daily lives in different fields: 

The Different Uses Of Energy In Our Daily Lives

  1. Residential Energy: When we talk about residential energy, we know that we are discussing the general usage in our households. Watching television, charging phones and laptops, using the washing machine or dishwasher, switching on lights and fans, using the air conditioner, and so on. As for the record, 40% of electricity is being used by household appliances. Apart from this, wastage is also high in terms of households. This is because of the lack of knowledge and ignorance about this fact. People should know in detail about the things they are using and applying in their daily life. The government should arrange awareness to educate people regarding this matter. Many people ignore this fact, and the result turns out to be bad. For some reluctant people, the whole world has to suffer. This ignorance will take a big turn shortly, and then people will realize the gravity of the situation. It’s better to have precautions. As we say, it is always better than cure. 
  1. Commercial Uses of Energy: Commercial uses of energy are the energy used by the commercial sectors. For example, the offices. We usually see the infrastructure of the offices and nowadays, it’s very important to have a good infrastructure everywhere. Good infrastructure will cost a lot of energy, mostly the electrical energy consumed by the air conditioners, refrigerators, lights, and fans, etc. It’s more like the usage in the households. The corporate sectors will have a lot of computers operating simultaneously, as, in the recent scenario, computers are required in the work field. If we want to do something dedicatedly, no one can stop that. Hence, if there will be strict restrictions in the offices and arrangements for the energy-saving campaigns, then some good can be done to the environment. It’s mainly the responsibility of the office management and also the workers. If possible, work from home can be the best option for saving electricity in the offices. People can get some motivation from this system, as well as there will be betterment in the surroundings. 
  1. Transportation: In the recent records, if we see, then we’ll get to know the increase rate of the vehicles in the world. Nowadays, most people own a car or two. This has increased pollution and traffic on the road. 70% of the petrol is used by the transportation system. Personal vehicles, public transports, trains, and airplanes are the ones to use fossil fuels at a large scale. Transportation can be very vital in the stage of pollution and greenhouse emissions. We need to look into this matter first. If we are introduced to electric vehicles or more fuel-efficient vehicles, then the amount of pollution might be less. We can often travel in public transport rather than using our vehicle if not necessary. This will reduce the number of cars on the road, and the traffic will also decrease. It’s better to start with ourselves rather than thinking of group activities. If everyone starts to conserve on their own, there can be a bigger change in the future. 

What Is Energy Conservation?

Energy conservation means saving energy for reducing the cost as well as lowering the bad impacts on the environment. What do I mean by bad impacts? Bad impacts are pollution and greenhouse emissions which cause harmful effects in the environment. We can do that by reducing the usage of energy, such as electricity, vehicles, etc. 

What Are The Different Ways To Save Energy And Electricity?

The Different Uses Of Energy In Our Daily Lives

  • Adjust your everyday functions: This is the main thing you need to focus on. Try to reduce the usage of water and electricity much, when not in use. Take care of the things which cause harmful effects in the environment.
  • Replace your light bulbs: This might be strange, but old light bulbs use more energy than the recently modified LED light bulbs. Change it, and it will also cost less in terms of electricity bill.
  • Use Smart power strips: It is good to use smart power strips. It saves you from power surges as well as helps in a good power line.
  • Use energy-efficient appliances: This will also provide you with great service and fewer bills. It’s quite less harmful to the environment.
  • Insulate your home: Insulation is a must for everyone. It’s safe and is also less harmful to the environment.

Where Does Most Of Our Electrical Energy Come From?

Most of our electrical energy comes from power plants, and there are many different types. Some examples include coal-fired, natural gas/oil fired steam turbines, geothermal systems that tap into hot underground rocks to generate heat for a turbine system as well as solar panels which use photons from the sun to create electricity through photovoltaic cells.

Most of our electrical energy comes from power plants. There are three major categories including those which burn fossil fuels such as coal or oil; hydroelectric dams built on rivers like Hoover Dam helps provide 13 billion kilowatt hours per year making it one of the largest generators on earth producing up until now more than 4 trillion kWhs.


It’s high time we start conserving our world. We are denying the fact that we are causing such big problems in our environment. We need to give the future generation what we have experienced for so many decades. Start today for the better tomorrow.


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