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Clean Energy Solutions – Types & Affects

We, the humans, have come a long way. Evolutions took place with some disadvantages. The more we discover new things, the more disadvantages come with advantages. Nowadays, we often hear the terms ‘depletion’, ‘erosion,’ ‘renewable,’ ‘zero emissions,’ etc. Climate changes are occurring due to many reasons. These changes are creating many problems in the human world, such as global warming, rising sea levels, and extreme weather events.

Everyone should take some initiative to prevent such causes. The aggregate of small changes results in the big one. We are responsible for the cause; hence, we are the ones to cure it. In this article, we’ll learn how to save our planet and human lives with the right decision.

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What Is Clean Energy?

Clean Energy Solutions

Clean Energy is the energy that is produced by wind, solar, geothermal, or hydropower (renewable sources). It also includes natural gas as one of its components. There is a wrong assumption made by the people, that is, clean energy is renewable. If we see, for instance, natural gas is not renewable energy. Once you use it, it’s gone. Therefore, we simply do not jump to the conclusion that clean energy is always renewable.

Renewable energy comes from wind, solar, geothermal, or hydropower sources. When something is produced again within a short period, it is known as renewable. The availability of energy is very less because it depends on some factors. Wind energy requires a windy climate, whereas solar energy requires a great amount of sunlight. Renewable energy also requires a lot of money because of its cost. If you want to set up such a system, it’ll cost a lot to build such an infrastructure.

How Does Energy Efficiency Affect Your Impact On The Planet? 

We are familiar with the term greenhouse gas emission. Greenhouse gas emissions are the cause of the depletion. Every human being produces greenhouse gas each day. Now imagine, there are almost 7-8 billion people in the world. If everyone produces this gas, there has to be some kind of depletion, hence the effects.

Let us look into the ways we produce greenhouse effects in the atmosphere:

  • Vehicles: If we look into the records, the number of vehicles has increased gradually. According to that, the population has also shown growth. Usually, we use petrol or diesel in vehicles. This burning of fossil fuels causes gas emissions. We know that there are very few electric vehicles available, and they are very costly. Therefore, people buy cars they can afford. Fossil fuels, when burnt, cause carbon dioxide, which is one of the main components of greenhouse gas.
  • Food: It might be strange for us to think of food as one of the reasons for greenhouse gas emissions, but it is what it is. Meat, in particular, is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions because of the carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane emitted into the atmosphere by cows. Eating meat, dairy, and large fish impacts our planet even more than how we get around (trains, planes, or automobiles) or industrial plants.
  • Personal Habits: We can choose to shower a lot in the summer times. This causes more waste of water than you should be doing. We also use many electronic appliances which are not suitable for the environment. Those electronics might also release some gases which are harmful to the environment. In the rural areas, they burn wood and coal for cooking. This causes the emission of carbon dioxide and depletes the ozone layer. Change in our habits can also change the world in some ways.

How Many Kinds of Clean Energy Are There? 

There are six kinds of clean energy in the world currently, and they are hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, wind, natural gas, and biomass. 

Well, biomass and natural gas are not the cleanest sources of energy. It burns and produces little amount of carbon dioxide, which is not good for the environment. But I would like to specify that it’s better to use biomass or natural gas in place of coal, woods or petrol.

What Can Clean Energy Solutions Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Clean Energy Solutions

There are many things we can do to reduce the carbon footprint. Energy savings helps a lot, and it reduces global warming and climate change. Let us enlighten ourselves with the facts which we can use to reduce the greenhouse emission:

  1. We should opt for some sources which will not produce such emissions. Solar panels are the best way to start with the process. We can use solar panels, and so our households or other work with them. It gathers sunlight and transforms it into energy. If the setup is perfect in our home, we can use that energy in all the electrical appliances.
  2. Less cooking can be very helpful at times. If you see, it’ll reduce the rate of using natural gas. We can eat salads and raw foods. It will also benefit our health. The less we cook, the more we can help our world to survive.
  3. Use electronic devices which cause no harm to the environment. Many devices are not good for the environment. Please do use those. Stop burning crackers for fun. It causes a lot of harmful smoke in the air. Many living beings, such as birds, are getting affected as well. If we don’t stop now, it’ll gradually start affecting us soon.
  4. Invest in carbon offsets. When you voluntarily invest in carbon offsets by going with a green energy program, such as those offered by Just Energy, you’re contributing to projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Change your habits. Try to use less water. Change the method of washing dishes and clothes. Save water for the betterment of your world. Use public transport other than using your vehicle. This will help in burning less petrol. Apart from protecting your world, it will also help you to save money.

How Can Clean Energy Reduce Global Warming?

There are many ways to reduce the negative effects of global warming, from cutting fossil fuel usage and reducing deforestation to switching over more power plants from coal or natural gas. One effective way is by using clean energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric dams and geothermal heating systems.

How can we use clean energy technologies like renewable energy?

There are a variety of options available that will help us shift into a cleaner future without sacrificing our current lifestyle. For example: Reduce your carbon footprint – When you purchase food products with less packaging say no more plastic bags at supermarkets! In addition stop driving so much every day instead take public transportation which helps avoid emissions Limit household electricity consumption – Try turning off lights when rooms aren’t being used.


As we think about our future, we should also think about the future generation. It’s high time we start to prevent usage of the above-mentioned things for the betterment of the world. If we continue to neglect, then the future generations will have to face a disaster in their times. We might have to wear oxygen masks to live our life. The greenhouse gas emission causes pollution, which is very harmful and might cause respiratory problems. Stop lavishing and think.


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