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“We should reduce consumption of fossil fuels, coal in particular. Coal-fired power plants are accused of air pollution and fine-dust emissions.”

– Moon Jae-In, South Korea’s leading presidential candidate, regarding his pledge to reduce coal-fired power plants and phase out nuclear reactors as it strives to be more environment-friendly and low-carbon oriented. South Korea has more than 50 coal-fired power plants that supply about 40 percent of its electricity.

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“Buying and shutting down old, inefficient coal plants is unprecedented in America. I’m very proud of our employees for proposing this innovative approach that’s environmentally beneficial and saves customers millions of dollars.”

– Florida Power & Light President and CEO Eric Silagy, on the utility’s announcement that it will shut down its 292-megawatt, coal-fired Cedar Bay Generating Plant – only 22 years old – on New Years Eve, cutting 1 million tons of carbon pollution and saving customers $70 million.


Image: Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection via Clean Technica

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“The settlement reflects the market realities in the power sector and will allow PSE to responsibly manage their risks, protect their ratepayers and reduce pollution.”

– Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, reacting to an agreement that will close two units at the Colstrip power power plant in Montana, which is co-owned by Puget Sound Energy

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