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“We should reduce consumption of fossil fuels, coal in particular. Coal-fired power plants are accused of air pollution and fine-dust emissions.”

– Moon Jae-In, South Korea’s leading presidential candidate, regarding his pledge to reduce coal-fired power plants and phase out nuclear reactors as it strives to be more environment-friendly and low-carbon oriented. South Korea has more than 50 coal-fired power plants that supply about 40 percent of its electricity.

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“We determined that a shutdown in 2018 is prudent when comparing the transaction to the business risks of continued operation.”

– Entergy Chairman and CEO Leo Denault, in a statement announcing the permanent closure of the Palisades nuclear power plant in southwestern Michigan in 2018. Even with a $172 million payment to get out of its contract, Consumers Energy, which buys the power from the plant, anticipates saving money by turning to less expensive alternatives, including renewable energy.

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“Anything [nuclear] that hasn’t gotten off the ground yet isn’t getting built. There is no economic rationale for it.”

– Greg Gordon, a utility analyst at New York investment advisory firm Evercore ISI on the future of new nuclear power plants being built in the U.S.

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