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“[The grid is] moving away from a passive to an active grid … solar, wind and electrical storage devices, power that not only flows from the utility to the customer, but now from the customer back to the utility.”

– Steve Griffith, of the National Electrical Manufacturing Association on the expected rapid growth of microgrids

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“We’re initiating our … shift from today’s pipeline architecture – moving central-station power across wires to customers at the other end – to a platform architecture, which is the business architecture of the 21st Century.”

– ComEd CEO Anne Pramaggiore, speaking at the National Conference of State Legislatures and urging lawmakers nationwide to help utilities shift to new business models.

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“We see this as the tool for energy democracy. We feel there should be local control of energy planning and decisions about where the supply should come from.”

– Ulster County, N.Y. legislator Jen Metzger, whose community is taking advantage of a program that allows cities, towns and villages to aggregate their electricity buying, boost the contractual share of renewable energy that customers receive and collectively lower utility rates.

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