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“[A]ny investors basing their investment decisions on coal and gas continuing to be the cheapest source of electricity could be deeply misguided.”

– From an analysis by the Carbon Tracker Initiative showing that the global average levelized cost of energy for renewables is now below fossil fuels, even without subsidies.

Source: Carbon Tracker Initiative

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“We’ve seen the costs come down by a factor of 150 since 1975. We’ve seen volume up by 115,000. How much more miracle-y do you need your miracles to be?”

– Bloomberg New Energy Finance Chairman Michael Liebreich, in a keynote address on the massive growth of solar worldwide and the accompany freefall in solar pricing.


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“German banking giant [Deutsche Bank] is pulling back from the embattled coal sector, another sign of the increasing risks for banks that finance industries that contribute to climate change.”

– The New York Times

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