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“We have decided to initiate a process with the aim of ultimately exiting from our oil and gas business.”

– DONG Energy President and CEO Henrik Poulsen on the Denmark-based company’s decision to focus more exclusively on developing its renewable energy holdings. DONG has seven large offshore wind projects currently under construction globally.

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“I think people are going to tell me we’re crazy, but I’m pretty sure we’ll arrive at 100 percent for one moment for sure.”

– Miguel Ezpeleta, the director of Spanish energy giant Acciona, on the chances of his country soon meeting its entire energy needs with renewable sources. In November 2015, it hit 70 percent on one night.

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Europe wind ebbs a bit, but still seeing growth

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European nations are expected to install more than 140 gigawatts of new wind capacity over the next 10 years, according to projections from an energy consulting firm. In its Europe Power Outlook 2016 analysis, MAKE Consulting said that total could be even higher were...

Brits OK world’s biggest offshore wind farm

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The British government has approved construction of what will likely be the world’s biggest offshore wind farm 55 miles off the English coast. The Hornsea Project Two farm will have up to 300 turbines and a total capacity of 1.8 gigawatts, enough energy to power...
“This is the cheapest we’ve ever seen by a long way and it puts offshore wind on a par with what it costs to build a new coal or gas power station.”

– Oliver Joy, a spokesman for industry trade group WindEurope, on the record-low price submitted for construction of an offshore wind farm along Holland’s coast.

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“German banking giant [Deutsche Bank] is pulling back from the embattled coal sector, another sign of the increasing risks for banks that finance industries that contribute to climate change.”

– The New York Times

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