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“The cost declines that we are seeing with these technologies are so steep that it becomes a matter of time as to when they start crossing over and becoming competitive in different ways. These things are getting cheaper faster than we thought even a year ago.”

–  Seb Henbest, lead author of Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s latest annual New Energy Outlook report, discussing the predicted dominance of solar, renewables and lithium-ion batteries in the global energy mix by 2040.

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“[The grid is] moving away from a passive to an active grid … solar, wind and electrical storage devices, power that not only flows from the utility to the customer, but now from the customer back to the utility.”

– Steve Griffith, of the National Electrical Manufacturing Association on the expected rapid growth of microgrids

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“Battery experts are now saying that the cost of lithium-ion systems has dropped to the point where it would be less expensive to build a large battery facility than it would to build a peaker plant in today’s prices.”

– Rick Azer, Associate Vice President of Development for Black & Veatch’s Smart Integrated Infrastructure, on the precipitous drop in battery prices as scale increases.

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