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“No one’s looking for new coal reserves. The decline in coal demand has meant existing reserves will last a lot longer.’’

– Robert Godby, a professor of energy economics at the University of Wyoming, commenting on how the Trump administration’s rollback of a moratorium on federal coal leases may actually do little to help the coal industry recover.

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“We believe our collective experience has proven that the CPP is reasonable and achievable, while allowing us to continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy for our customers.”

– National Grid President Dean Seavers, commenting on testimony by his company and eight other power providers in support of the Clean Power Plan. Combined, the nine utilities operate more than 100 gigawatts of capacity across 26 states, representing nearly 10 percent of the nation’s total.

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“There can be a first mover advantage.”

– Economist Jonathan Hughes on the the competitive considerations for U.S. states around the Clean Power Plan.

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