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“Even though we are in the foothills of coal country, it was not outrageous for us to look at energy efficiency and renewable energy as one of the pathways to helping this community transform.”

– Bobby Clark of Midwest Clean Energy Enterprise.Clark, on efforts to rebuild West Liberty, Kentucky with a master plan based on green buildings and renewable energy after much of it was destroyed by a tornado in 2012.

Image: KY Court of Justice via flickr creative commons license.

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“We have got a big appetite for wind or solar. If someone walks in with a solar project tomorrow and it takes a billion dollars or three billion dollars, we’re ready to do it. The more there is the better.”

– Warren Buffett, speaking to investors at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholders meeting.

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“Politics has nothing to do with it for me. Clean energy just makes good economic sense. By establishing a 100 percent renewable energy goal, we have an opportunity to use solar power that we can control in our community, for our community.”

– Abita Springs, Louisiana Mayor Greg Lemons in a statement on the town council approving a resolution to transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, the first municipality in the state to do so.

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“Clean energy makes sense for businesses. … Strengthening Michigan’s Renewable Portfolio Standard ensures energy is generated in Michigan — encouraging new investments, innovation, and jobs here at home.”

– from a letter signed by a dozen businesses, including Nestlé and Ben & Jerry’s, thanking the Michigan Legislature for for passing a bipartisan bill in 2016 that increases the state’s renewable energy standard to 15 percent by 2021.

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“The rapid pace of renewable energy deployment accelerated, consumption and export of domestic natural gas hit record levels, and the economy grew more energy-efficient than ever. In the face of all this change, Americans are enjoying lower energy bills, directing less of their household income to energy spending than at any other time” since such records began 60 years ago.

– From a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report on falling consumer electricity costs.

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