In the wake of Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s study examining the impact of wind and solar on fossil baseload power plants, two prominent energy experts have looked at data worldwide and concluded that Germany and Denmark, two countries with some of the highest levels of renewables, have 10 times fewer minutes of outages each year. David Hochschild of the California Energy Commission and David Olsen of the California Independent System Operator Board of Governors wrote in an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle that the three biggest threats to the grid reliability over the last 20 years came from market manipulation (Enron et al., during the 2001 energy crisis), a nuclear plant failure (San Onofre, 2012), and the largest natural gas leak in history (Aliso Canyon gas storage facility, 2015). In fact, they said, rather than creating these emergencies, “renewable energy was part of the solution and continued to operate reliably and prevented these events from becoming worse.”

– via Greentech Media / Stephen Lacey

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