Australian agricultural companies are embracing renewables as a more affordable source of power for their energy-intensive enterprises. The firm Nectar Farms is undertaking a massive $565 million expansion of its new hydroponics business in the state of Victoria, which will include a 196-megawatt wind farm and 20 MW of battery storage –  making the facility 100 percent renewable-powered. Nectar Farms had planned to use gas – as the hydroponic farms needs heat and Co2 – but the cost was overwhelming and the gas supply was not guaranteed. Likewise, Sundrop Farms, a hydroponic 20-hectare tomato farm in South Australia has completed a $A200 million concentrated solar power solar-thermal proiject to provide the facility with up to 450,000 cubic meters per year of desalinated water and heating and cooling for its greenhouses.

– via Seeking Alpha and Renew Economy



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