A new study by the Global Wind Energy Council suggests global wind power capacity could reach 800 gigawatts by 2021. The trade group said global wind capacity grew by 54 GW installed in 90 countries in 2016. To date 29 countries have more than 1 GW of wind, and five have at least 10 GW. Total global wind capacity stood at 486 GW as of the end of 2016, up 12.6 percent from the year before. China had the greatest wind growth in 2016 with 23 GW, and is expected to continue to lead the world with an expected capacity increase of nearly 65 percent by 2021. The United States was second in wind growth with 8.2 GW installed, followed by Germany at 5.4 GW and India with 3.6 GW. The trade group noted direct corporate sourcing of wind power has become a major market driver, with 50 companies including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Dow Chemical and 3M acquiring 1,574 MW of wind power in 2016, with 24 percent of the wind capacity installed in 2016 having a corporate buyer.

– via Power Engineering

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