Britain’s fleet of solar panels generated a record amount of electricity as the nation basked in sunshine during the hottest day of the year to date. U.K. solar power output rose to a record 8.75 gigawatts at 1 p.m. London time on May 27, according to data compiled by National Grid Plc and Sheffield University. That satisfied 24 percent of electricity demand and broke the previous record of 8.49 gigawatts reached earlier the same month. The new solar record is the latest to highlight the U.K.’s shift from polluting power plants to cleaner sources. In April, the U.K. had its first full day without burning coal for electricity since the Industrial Revolution more than a century ago. The United Kingdom has 12.1 gigawatts of solar installed, which is enough to power roughly 3.8 million homes.

– via Bloomberg / Jess Shankleman

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