The Madison, Wisconsin city council has unanimously approved a resolution committing to 100 percent energy from clean, renewable sources, becoming the 24th city in the United States to make such a promise, according to a tally by the Sierra Club. The resolution sets a high bar in a state that gets most of its electricity from coal and where, as in most places, natural gas is almost exclusively used for heating during harsh winters. It calls for the entire city to get all of its power from renewable sources, starting with city operations. There is no target date specified, but the resolution mandates that a plan to get the city government’s operations to all-renewable must be developed by January 2018, including specific dates and benchmarks. The resolution calls this process a “budgetary and managerial priority.” The resolution also allocates up to $250,000 for a planning process. Madison Gas and Electric, which provides the majority of the city’s electricity, officially endorsed the resolution, and has its own framework that calls for 30 percent renewables by 2030.

– via Midwest Energy News / Kari Lydersen

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