An increasingly vocal coalition that includes a small Dutch energy company, Amsterdam city officials and a candy company is toying with the idea of buying one of the Netherlands oldest and most inefficient coal-burning power plants and turning it into a theme park. Vandebron, which allows consumers to buy renewable energy directly from local producers via an online marketplace, has offered utility Nuon 1 million euros for its Hemweg 8 coal-fired power plant in Amsterdam. There are five coal-fired plants currently active in the Netherlands. Hemweg has a capacity of 630 megawatts and burns 50 kilograms of coal every second. Nuon is looking to close the plant due to deteriorating economics – but only if the Dutch government covers some of the costs – or sell it, and the company rejected Vandebron’s initial offer but the city of Amsterdam now says t it is willing to kick in another million euros, as is chocolate maker Tony’s Chocolonely.

– via Clean Technica

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