The University of Illinois has signed a decade-long agreement to buy power from the state’s largest wind farm for its Urbana-Champaign campus. The agreement, which took effect Nov. 1 and runs through October 2026, supports the clean-energy targets in the university’s sustainability plan, including obtaining at least 120,000 megawatt-hours of power annually from low-carbon sources by fiscal year 2020. School officials say the campus received about 2,400 megawatt-hours under the new deal in November and they hope the annual amount of power will total more than 25,000 megawatt-hours. The school’s clean energy total so far is about 33,200 megawatt-hours per year. The school also owns a nearly 21-acre solar farm, purchased in December 2015, as well as solar installations around campus. School officials said the price of the wind energy is less than 4 cents per kilowatt-hour, which it considers competitive.

– via the Belleville News-Democrat


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