Corporate America’s aggressive investment in clean energy will continue to drive the market forward despite promises by the incoming Trump administration to emphasize a return to fossil fuel energy. Sandwiched around the election, Walmart pledged to power half its operations from wind, solar and other renewables by 2025 and Microsoft signed its largest wind-power purchase agreement ever, with a deal to buy 237 megawatts of electricity from turbines in Kansas and Wyoming. In fact, 60 percent of Fortune 100 companies have renewable-electricity or climate change policies, and 81 companies globally have committed to get 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Since 2008, U.S. companies have signed agreements to purchase more than $10 billion worth of wind and solar power— about 10 GW, enough to run almost 2 million U.S. households for a year. And BNEF analysts expect that pace to increase over the next decade, with at least 50 U.S. companies signing long-term agreements to buy an additional 22 GW of clean energy as a hedge against volatile natural gas and coal prices.

– via Bloomberg Businessweek / Matthew Philips

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