Source: EDF

Adding a mix of energy efficiency and renewable energy could realistically add hundreds of thousands of jobs in Ohio and give the state billions of dollars in added payroll and savings stemming from health-care costs, according to a new report. The study, commissioned by the Environmental Defense Fund, also found that customers would see lower bills with investments in efficiency and renewable energy, saving anywhere from $28.8 million to nearly $60 million annually. Modeling three different scenarios, the study forecasts that renewable energy and efficiency could create nearly 140,000 jobs in about a decade and a half. Wind energy, a labor-intensive industry that uses Ohio manufacturers in its supply chain, would be the major driver. Green business would grow the state’s payroll as much as $7.6 billion by 2030, while Ohio’s gross domestic product would increase by as much as $10.7 billion. Even under the least aggressive scenario, the state would see $4.7 billion in added payroll and $6.7 billion in increased gross domestic product. In 2014, Ohio Gov. John Kasich enacted a freeze on the state’s renewable energy standard, which required Ohio to get 12.5 percent of its electricity from green sources. The freeze expires next year.

– via Think Progress / Alejandro Dávila and Energy Manager Today


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