Republicans and conservative independents in Ohio strongly support the development of renewable energy, according to findings from a new poll conducted by a GOP polling firm. Among the findings from the survey of 400 Ohio voters:

  • 82 percent of conservative voters want utilities to be required to provide efficiency programs that help consumers save money.
  • 87 percent want utilities to continue crediting customers with solar panels for excess power they generate.
  • 72 percent would advise candidates to support energy efficiency and renewable energy policies.
  • A majority opposes utility efforts to scrap renewable energy requirements.
  • And 79 percent oppose fees to prop up old coal and nuclear power plants.
  • Public Opinion Strategies, a Colorado-based polling company widely used by GOP candidates, talked to 400 registered Ohio Republican voters earlier this month, including some independents who said they voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.

 – via the Cleveland Plain Dealer / John Funk


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