“The fall in the price of clean energy is driving massive capacity build across Asia, and that is an opportunity that even conventional energy firms can’t ignore.”

– Ashish Sethia, head of Asia-Pacific gas and power analysis at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, regarding the development and acquistion of large solar and wind projects by oil, gas and coal companies in India.

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“Continued challenging market conditions have made it increasingly difficult for smaller units … to be competitive. It’s no longer economically viable to operate these facilities.”

– Jim Lash of First Energy in a statement to investors announcing the retirement of the coke-fueled Bay Shore power plant and four of seven coal-burning units at the Sammis plant, both in Ohio.

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Indian airports: land, roofs galore for solar

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India’s government has announced a program that will integrate 148 megawatts solar energy into the nation’s 143 airports. The Indian minister for civil aviation recently said the projects will be installed over the next few months. The projects are meant to...
“Direct sourcing is important to us because our goal is really the transformation of the electric grid.”

– Brian Janous, the director of energy for Microsoft, which along with tech giants like Google and Facebook, is using their influence to negotiate with utiliites for more clean energy

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“We’ve seen the costs come down by a factor of 150 since 1975. We’ve seen volume up by 115,000. How much more miracle-y do you need your miracles to be?”

– Bloomberg New Energy Finance Chairman Michael Liebreich, in a keynote address on the massive growth of solar worldwide and the accompany freefall in solar pricing.


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“The settlement reflects the market realities in the power sector and will allow PSE to responsibly manage their risks, protect their ratepayers and reduce pollution.”

– Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, reacting to an agreement that will close two units at the Colstrip power power plant in Montana, which is co-owned by Puget Sound Energy

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“We believe the U.S. is now the most attractive wind market in the world due to the increased visibility of demand in the long term.”

– From a new report by Macquarie Research showing that the levelized cost of wind will beat out natural gas, even without subsidies, in the next seven years.

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“If we bet our future on the price of natural gas, the customer pays the price.”

– Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Doug Little, expressing concern about a proposal by utility Arizona Public Service to significantly expand its natural gas generating capacity.

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“It’s busy out there. We’re putting a lot of people to work.”

– Paul Copleman, a spokesman for Avangrid Renewables, on the construction in North Carolina of what will be the largest wind farm in the southeastern United States, a $400 million, 104-turbine project.

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“This is the cheapest we’ve ever seen by a long way and it puts offshore wind on a par with what it costs to build a new coal or gas power station.”

– Oliver Joy, a spokesman for industry trade group WindEurope, on the record-low price submitted for construction of an offshore wind farm along Holland’s coast.

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